We are proud to serve you with many years of experience.

The company was established on sheet laser cutting and folding fields on an area of 600 m2 in March 2014 in Kurtköy, Istanbul, Turkey. In line with the demands, the new sections of press works, coining, die making, powder coating, machining and welding were added in 2017 and was moved to the new location by increasing the area of 3,000 m2 at the Tuzla Industrial Zone of Istanbul. Our company is growing more and more rapidly owing to the engineering service offered to the companies.

In order to transfer our services to our customers, the company has accepted the component based cost analysis, product quality as well as quick service as a firm mentality. The company continues to offer quality services and its growth with the keen and dynamic staffs.


Aktif Lazer Metal Machining and Powder Coating Industry Trade JSC believes that our experienced team members, high quality product understanding, solution oriented working principle, delivery just in-time, and price advantages will certainly add values to your company.

We are pleased to serve as a partner company in many sectors including Automotive, Electricity, Electronics, Medical, Engineering, Technology, Construction, and Metal with our mass production which reaches millions of units a year.

We believe that if you own a quality producer, quality service, and quality product throughout the world, you can make a worldwide profit!



To provide a norm, distributed and integrated service that reaches to the large masses via the integration of the most advanced technology with expert staff, and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.


To be a leader in the innovations in the sector; to develop continuously in personal and corporate levels; to offer all the opportunities of technology to its employees and the customers; to sustain a  working life with social values; to be a preferred company to work with.


We are committed to …
Provide quality services to our customers,
Work in accordance with the quality management system,
Abide by the rules of ethics and to be honest in all activities,
Ensure customer satisfaction,
Improve and develop its system with the participation of all employees,
Be a pioneer in innovations in the sector.